Mike and Mena
are getting Married December 2, 2023.

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Here’s our story…

This is Mike (circa 1996)

And this is Mena (circa 2001)

They both had big dreams. But Mike and Mena had no real idea what God had in store for them.

Time passed and some things happened…

Mike entered seminary for the Diocese of Nashville. He studied at the Pontifical College Josephinum before spending a year helping the Catholic apostolate in the Democratic People’s Republic of California.

Following his year of apostolate, he returned to seminary formation at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Dillwyn, VA. He studied humanities, Latin, spirituality, philosophy, and theology for three and a half years before discerning out of priestly formation and returning home to Nashville.


Philomena earned a degree in culinary arts (cha-ching), and moved away from her Virginia homeland to a strange town in northern Kentucky. There she become a cook at various eateries in the area…

…and a widely-feared powerlifter.

But that didn’t scare Mike.

Back in Nashville….

Michael was putting in some crazy work with career study, skill-building, and acclimating to life in the world. He began a marketing career as an independent contractor, building connections, and getting experience in the field.

When one day…

Mike found Philomena on Instagram God led Mike to Philomena and whispered in his hear:

“You should message that beautiful, young lady…”

And that’s exactly what Mike did…


Clearly Mena was suspicious…🤨

But Mike wasn’t suspicious at all…😎

Despite the unfathomable 256.6 miles between them, they fell in love, transcending both time and space and what not.

After a year of constant hustle in the workplace, Mike eventually landed a job with one of the world’s leading marketing teams. It was then that Mike decided he’d explore the great unknown and moved to northern Kentucky to be near Mena.

There, Mike and Mena thrived together.

It only took a few months for Mike to realize Mena was the one he’d been looking for… he had to act quickly.

So he bought her a ring and did the thing. (She said “yes”)

Our engagement was blessed by the Church in a betrothal ceremony on July 16th.

And we’re excited to announce our wedding on December 2, 2023.

To our dear family and friends who have loved and supported us, please accept our deepest gratitude. During this time of joy for Mena and I, we’re blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you.

For those unable to attend the wedding in-person, we invite you to tune in for a Facebook Livestream of the ceremony. Click here for details.

Finally, if you would like to give a wedding gift, please see our registry here.

If you’d prefer to make a simple financial donation to help us start our new life together, you may do so by Venmo or Paypal.

Thank you and may God bless you.