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Freelance Advertising Copywriter

Writes Simple Direct Response Ads

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Of The World’s Greatest Marketers

How to Abandon mediocre, money-sucking and mind numbing ads that don’t work
And create sales messages that compel your audience to action…

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Need some more convincing?
check out my brief cover letter below!

Michael Cassman

Freelance Copywriter

Cash-in on the simple secrets marketing gurus know that YOU DON’T…


Want super-effective copy that works like crazy?
It’s not the cheapest, but it gets the results you want..

Let me do it for you.

Michael Cassman

Freelance Copywriter

Need some more convincing?
check out my brief cover letter below!

Michael Cassman
West of Langford Cove, TN
Monday, 7:53 pm


Dear friend,

My name is Michael Cassman. I’m an experienced freelance copywriter who’s helped numerous clients produce powerful and compelling sales copy in a wide array of industries and for all mediums.

I’ve provided incredible value to all of my freelance clients,
and I’d like to do the same for you…

I currently freelance for FUZATI Marketing writing email copy, website copy, performing website audits, site map creation and more…


“Working with Michael has been great. He is a strong and capable writer and an enthusiastic team player who is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone to do a great job.”

Diane Dipiero Rodio

Director of Communications | FUZATI
Author | “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

I also freelance for Tasks Done Right, helping Loren Strand create persuasive sales messages for websites like Indialantic.fitness and Orastripdx.com, as well as printed promotionals, and compiling competitive marketing analysis reports…

loren strand profile 300 px

“Working with Michael is stress-free; he communicates exceptionally well and delivers amazing, persuasive copy that speaks to the hearts and minds of audiences.  A+ service.

Loren Strand​

Founder | TasksDoneRight 

Additionally, I’ve helped a number of clients on Upwork providing hard-hitting copywriting and content writing spanning broad categories from the prepper/survivalist niche, to business management, to coding and data science…

jesse wallace2

Jesse Wallace (via Upwork Review)

The Wallace Group

john martinex2

Johnathan Martinez (via Upwork Review)

I also accept clients off-platform through direct contracts. I’ve helped authors and entrepreneurs with copywriting, content writing, editing and graphic design to put their best foot forward with proven methods of direct response marketing and persuasion. 


“Michael is extremely knowledgeable, attentive to detail, very communicative, and completes his services in a timely manner. I highly recommend him.”


Michael Seagriff

Author & Editor | Pondering Tidbits of Truth


“Michael’s copy is powerful and persuasive.


Laurens Bensdorp

CEO | TradingMasterySchool.com

I can write all of the necessary copy for any project and I can handle all of the research and brainstorming.

Just let me know what you need and I can have it for you almost overnight. And you’ll see an immediate boost in business.

I’d be happy to see if I can help you with ads that work like clockwork to bring in new customers, increase your cash flow, and keep your name and reputation hot. I have a sense of humor, I’m experienced, and I work well with everyone.

You can reach my voicemail at any time by calling:

615.258.5555 x706

As soon as you hear the recorded message saying “Thank you for calling…” You can type in my extension number: 706.

And don’t worry about a high-pressure sales call, if we don’t have an appointment, I’ll let it go to voice mail.

Once I have your contact info, I’ll promptly reach out to you by phone or email with a time to meet and discuss the project.

Alternatively, you can email me by clicking the button below:

If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced freelance copywriter for hire, I’d be happy to set up a time to meet.


Michael B. Cassman
Freelance Copywriter

P.S. Throughout this letter I’ve included a number of client testimonials. Here’s a link to the complete collection.

P.P.S. If you’d like to see more of my writing in action, here’s a link to my portfolio that you might find interesting.

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