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GET MY BOOK: Five Steps To Sell

Drawing from the legacy of generations of world-class marketers and sales people, this book explores the fundamental motivations of why people buy… and how YOU can harness those motivations to increase sales and revenue.

K.I.S.S Funnel DIY Copy Templates

Say goodbye to confusing and convoluted marketing tactics… It’s better to K.I.S.S (Keep It Stupid Simple). Because confused buyers never buy.

>>Click here to peruse a collection of pre-written email sequence templates. I’ve done all the writing and strategy. Simply download the templates, fill in the blanks, plug the emails into your ESP and hit “SEND.”

Daily Battle Plan

Get more done in less time, increase your earning power, and enjoy greater fulfillment in life. This is THE daily planner to replace all daily planners. Born out of frustration at the inadequacy of most planners to adapt to the needs of a busy business person, I created The Daily Battle Plan.

SHATTERPOINT Conversions Youtube Channel

A channel covering all things marketing, sales, and advertising. From high-level principles and strategies to granular, practical advice to increase leads, sales and ROI.

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