Copywriting Samples (PDFs)

Here are a few jobs I’ve done for various recent clients. Click the links below to view it in the browser or click the button to download.

1. Trading Mastery School (B2B, Press Release, Investing & Finance)

2. Trading Mastery School (B2B, Web Copy, Investing & Finance)

3. Superflat Concrete Systems (B2B, Cold Email Copy, Construction)

4. WordPress Engine (B2B, Email Copy, Website Management)

5. Garden Towers (B2C, Email Copy, Gardening)

6. LobsterAnywhere (B2C, Email Copy, Food Service)

7. In Freedom’s Cause “Launch Campaign” (B2C, Social Media Copy, Entertainment)

Graphic Design

I’ve spent many hours designing logos and ads for a wide variety of markets. Here are only a few:

Ad designs

Prepper/survival market
Supporting local Businesses
The local symphony

Logo Designs

A local news outlet
A men’s life improvement program
A student recruiting team

Printed Work

A magazine ad for a pre-school
An 8 1/2″x11″ ad for a fundraiser
Custom printed logo sandstone coaster

Audio & Video

While by no means my primary skill, I have basic knowledge of video and audio editing.

A video from my seminary days… In addition to writing the script, narrating, and doing audio work, I was also an interviewer for this production. Credits for filming and video editing go to my collaborators.

Website Design

For all of the sites below, I designed logos, wrote content, and built the website along with social media platforms. I have general knowledge of WordPress.

Flower of Charity Ministries

Flower of Charity Ministry is a non-profit charitable organization.

Order of Parental Glory

The Order of Parental Glory is an organization dedicated to supporting and celebrating Catholic families and traditional family values.

Haydock Commentary Online

This website was built to bring one of the greatest Catholic resources to a fast and easy to access platform.