Michael Cassman

How I wrote an award-winning ad in under 2 hours that beat A-listers at their own game.

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and the mysterious copywriting secrets behind it…

Here’s the ad for ya.

Hey there. 👋

Here’s the beans spilled…

As a member of the Copy Chief Accelerator Mastermind, I have the honor of participating in copywriting competitions against some of the best copywriters in the industry.

Recently we took up our pens and entered the arena to write the best and funniest ad to sell… this piece of eye candy.

This a bike.

But not just any bike.

What you’re ogling is a 2019 Trek Emonda ALR 5…🧐 but let’s call her Tanya, cause that’s her name.

Anyway, we had a week to write up a Facebook Marketplace ad to sell off Tanya. The ad had to be:

  • Eye-catching and unique
  • Outrageously funny
  • And follow all of the rules of superior salesmanship

Basically, it had to be a work of art.

I showed up late to the party, (on the very last day LOL), and I hadn’t written a single letter.

And after looking through the submissions and seeing some of the big names, I was pretty certain I had no chance of winning…

…but ironically that worked to my advantage.

I knew that I had to get attention fast and tell a fascinating story, no matter the cost.

So I let all the shackles fall off and decided to write like I had nothing to lose.®

And waddaya know…

Lo and behold, I WON!

And got some mind-blowing feedback from industry-leading copywriters…

Like funny ad king Jimmy Parent

Brand voice ventriloquist and copywriter Justin Blackman

A-list copywriter and founder of Copy Chief Kevin Rogers

CMO of Copy Chief Rachel Mazza

Daniel Throssell an A-list email copywriter

Rachel again 🙂

Tommy Lentsch actor (Blackish) and Tanya’s owner.

And Craig Schoolkate who manages a major financial newsletter in Ireland

So how on earth did I manage to pull off a last-minute award-winning ad that beat seasoned A-listers?

It’s a process I created called “Fascination Generation”, a collection of over 30 methods I use to ignite an intense creative ideation inferno, dump gasoline on it and fast-track persuasive storytelling.

Wanna learn more?

Watch the video above.

Peace. Much love. ✌

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